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Tell your friends about this site, and offer them also, the chance to win the t-shirt of the moment.

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And the winner is...

Adriano Oliveira from Abrantes, Portugal

Congratulations! He wins the sexy T-shirt, which he will be receiving in a few days. A big thank you goes to all who participated at this competition, next time you will be luckier! Ah and by the way the correct answer to the question is Mandy Minella.

Photo of the winner of the T-shirt

Wanna win one of these beautiful
and sexy t-shirts?

Very easy, answer the question below and send the correct answer by filling out the form below, along with your name and email. The lucky winner will be drawn by lot among all correct answers. Answers will be accepted until December 11th, the result will be published here on the website on December 14th.


What is the name of the female athlete wearing the t-shirt designed by valenteone™ in the above image?

Tip: you may find the answer here on the website...